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Updated 19 July 2017

All these snakes are healthy, shedding, defecating, and feeding well on defrosted rodents.

If you are interested in any of the snakes here, please email me. Collection from Ely (Cambs) or delivery by reptile courier (I'm happy to recomnmend one).

Royal Pythons (Python regius)

Black Pastel Axanthic Royal Python
Axanthic Black Pastel

axanthic VPI x black pastel
Male - 1250g*
Tiger Royal Python

desert x enchi
Male - 750g*
Pastel Orange Ghost Royal Python
Pastel Orange Ghost

pastel x orange ghost
Male - 1.7kg* proven breeder
Super Pastel Royal Python
Super Pastel

pastel x pastel
Male - 750g*

Other Pythons & Boas

Boa Nicaraguan T+ Motley
Nicaraguan T+ Motley Boa

Boa constrictor
Male - 3280g*

*Weight taken June 2017