About Me

I am a hobbyist keeper and breeder of reptiles and amphibians, based in the UK. I started collecting these amazing animals way back in the late 1970s, after stumbling upon a reptile shop in London's Camden Town. I convinced my parents to let me buy a small wall lizard, and it snowballed from there. Back then there wasn't as much information on keeping these animals as there is now, and reptile specialist shops were few and far between. I had to travel from one side of London to the other just to buy crickets! These days I can order them on the Internet and have them delivered the next day - so much better!

My collection is made up of a number of frog, snake and lizard species (and I have my eye on a number of other species I'd like to add), although there is a bias towards African Bullfrogs, and certain geckos from Madagascar, Australia and New Caledonia. My emphasis is on breeding, and I try to provide the best environment possible for my animals. If they're happy and healthy, they're more likely to breed, and if they breed, I will be happy too! Check out the Breeding News page to see the results we've been having.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy looking through my site.